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Among Us

InnerSloth LLC released Among Us on Steam on November 26, 2018. Among Us is a multiplayer social deduction video game. It is similar to Mafia but in space.


In Among Us, you play as an astronaut who has to do tasks to fix a broken spaceship. Players have to work together to fix the spaceship, but there are some imposters among them trying to destroy it. Everyday somebody dies, and the game ends when somebody dies.


The graphics are simple and have a cartoony aesthetic. The graphics and animation of the game have the atmosphere of the mid-2000s games and it is very nostalgic.

Information about replayability

The game is fun and addictive to play, but you may get bored of it when you already know every person on your team too well.


  • Easy to control
  • It is fun to play with your friends
  • You have lots of customization options
  • The graphics are simple
  • There are lots of different characters
  • It is an easy game to understand


  • Lots of cheaters
  • There is no voice-chat
  • It can be very difficult to identify the imposters
  • You get bored of the game when you already know every person on your team too well
  • The game is very repetitive


If you like social deduction games, you should get this game. Also, it is a good game to play with your friends.

Among Us

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Author: InnerSloth LLC
Latest Version: 2020.9.9
Size: 70M

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