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Stumble Guys

Stumble Guys: Stranded is a cooperative multiplayer game where players must work together to escape a deserted island. The game is played from a top-down perspective and features colorful graphics and simple controls. Players can use a variety of objects to build a shelter, find food and water, and craft tools. The goal of the game is to escape the island alive.

The game begins with you, the player, waking up in a dark and dreary world. You are immediately confronted by a giant, imposing figure known as the Guardian. The Guardian tells you that you are the chosen one and must save the world from the darkness surrounding it. He then sends you on your way, and the adventure begins.

Your goal is to navigate the dark world, solve puzzles, and find the pieces of the Staff of Light. The Staff of Light is a powerful artifact that is said to be able to banish the darkness. As you progress through the game, you will encounter all sorts of strange and dangerous creatures. You must use your wits and puzzle-solving skills to survive and save the world.

The graphics in Stranded Stumble Guys are simply stunning. The dark and dreary world is incredibly atmospheric, and the creatures you encounter are oddly compelling. I found myself drawn into the game’s world and eagerly exploring every nook and cranny.

The attention to detail is also impressive. For example, the way that the water reflects the light is simply beautiful. The graphics are on par with some of the best games on the market, and I was thoroughly impressed.

One of the best features of Stranded Stumble Guys is the well-done puzzles. The puzzles are challenging but not impossible, and I found myself really enjoying the challenge. I also liked the fact that the clues were sometimes blatantly obvious. This meant I had to think about what I was doing and use my brain to solve the puzzles.

I was also impressed by the amount of content in the game. There are a lot of different areas to explore, and I spent hours playing without getting bored. Overall, I was very impressed with the features of Stranded Stumble Guys and think that fans of puzzle games will love it.

I enjoy playing Stumble Guys: Stranded. The game is challenging but also very fun. It is a cooperative multiplayer game, as it encourages teamwork and communication. The graphics are colorful, and the controls are simple, which makes the game easy to pick up and play. I also like that there are various things to do in the game. Players can build a shelter, find food and water, and craft tools. The game is also replayable, as the island is randomly generated each time you play. Overall, I would recommend Stumble Guys: Stranded to anyone looking for a fun cooperative multiplayer game.


  • Entertaining and addictive gameplay;
  • Challenging levels with different obstacles;
  • Gets players thinking strategically;
  • Helps improve hand-eye coordination;
  • Fun for all ages.


  • Can be frustrating for some players when they can't pass a level;
  • Some levels are very challenging and can be hard to pass;
  • Can be addictive, and some players may spend too much time on the game.                                                    

Stumble Guys

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Latest Version: 0.37
Size: 120M

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