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Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

Duolingo is a free language-learning app that offers courses in many languages, including Spanish, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Dutch, Irish, Danish, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Turkish, Polish, Greek, Esperanto, Hungarian, Czech, and Ukrainian. Duolingo is available for smartphones and tablets, as well as for computers. Duolingo is an online language learning platform that allows anyone to learn for free. It was founded by Luis von Ahn, Severin Hacker, and Alex Leidig, and launched in July 2012. Luis von Ahn is a Carnegie Mellon professor who developed the CAPTCHA technology that is still being used by Google. Severin Hacker and Alex Leidig met Luis at CMU in 2011 and they all decided to create Duolingo.


Duolingo is all about making language learning fun, so the first thing you'll notice is that the app is clean, fast, and easy to use. Duolingo is also personalized to your level, so you'll be learning content at just the right speed. You can also practice writing your new language in a chat with a native speaker.


Duolingo's design is very simple and clean. The app is very easy to use, and the design is simple.

Usability of Duolingo

Duolingo is one of the most popular language learning apps in the world, and it's completely free. Swipe left or right to switch between learning and reviewing a language. Practice reading and writing with simple sentences. Listen to a word and type it out in the correct language.


  • Duolingo is free to use
  • It is personalized to your level
  • You can practice speaking to a native speaker


  • Duolingo has a limited range of languages


Duolingo is a great app for learning languages. It is free and highly accessible. It is also very useful.

Duolingo: Learn Languages Free

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