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Fat 2 Fit!

Fat 2 Fit is a runner game where a woman tries to run through an obstacle course. You should avoid obstacles and jump from one platform to another not to fall into the water. You can eat burgers to gain weight and eat cucumbers to lose weight. Different weights are good for different situations. The goal is to keep running as long as possible. It has 3D graphics but they are cartoonish and not very detailed. The game is free-to-play.


This game is a runner where you should make somewhat tactical decisions whether to gain weight or not because where one weight cannot do the job, other weight can do it easily. And you can lose weight by eating cucumbers. Other than that, the gameplay is quite simplistic: you should avoid obstacles and try not to fall into the water as long as possible so you could run the longest distance.


The game has quite basic graphics. There are 3D graphics but the game looks more a cartoon than a real game. But it is very colorful and clear and the design is quite good. The game is designed mainly for people who want to play a funny game with no pressure. The graphics are not so detailed because the game is designed in order to be funny and not to give a real challenge.


The game is not very hard so it is a good way to spend time having fun. It is addictive, so you can play it for hours. Though it gets boring over time. The game is free and there are no ads. The game plays fine on old devices and the graphics are simple but nice. The game is about running and having fun. There is no real end to the game.


This game is an example of a game that is not designed to be hard. The game is not hard, it is not complicated, it has simple graphics but it is funny. It is a good way to spend some free time. But it does not make you feel challenged. 


  • Easy to learn
  • The game is free
  • The game has simple controls
  • The game has cartoonish graphics


  • Fat 2 Fit is not a challenging game
  • It gets boring over time

Fat 2 Fit!

Fat 2 Fit! Logo
Author: VOODOO
Latest Version: 1.8.0
Size: 78M

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