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Superliminal is a puzzle game developed and published by Storm8. The objective of the game is to guide a ball to the exit by creating or destroying blocks. The game features a minimalist art style and simple controls.


The controls in Superliminal are very simple - you can just swipe to create or destroy blocks. The game is level-based, and each level presents a new puzzle to solve. There are also bonus levels available, which can be unlocked by collecting all the stars in a level.

The puzzles in Superliminal are very challenging, and some of them can be quite frustrating. However, the game does provide a hint system, which can be used if you get stuck. The hint system is helpful, but it can also be a little bit vague sometimes.


The graphics in Superliminal are minimalist and simple, but they are also very charming. The game is very colorful, and the different levels look very different from each other.


The controls in Superliminal are very simple and easy to use. Swiping to create or destroy blocks is very easy and instinctive, and it makes the gameplay feel very fluid.


Superliminal is a pretty short game - it can be completed in a few hours. However, the game does feature a high replay value, as the puzzles are very challenging and can be quite frustrating. There are also bonus levels available, which can be unlocked by collecting all the stars in a level.


Superliminal is a challenging and frustrating but also fun and charming puzzle game. The simple controls and high replay value make it a great game for puzzle fans.


  • The game is very well designed and polished
  • The controls are very intuitive and easy to use
  • The game is very challenging and provides a good amount of replay value
  • The game is very unique and provides a refreshing twist on the traditional puzzle genre


  • The game may be too challenging for some players
  • Some of the puzzles may be too difficult to figure out without the use of a guide


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Author: Pillow Castle
Size: 12 GB available space

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