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Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier is a real-time strategy game that tasks players with leading a small group of settlers in building a city on the edge of the known world. The game is set in a procedurally generated world where players will have to gather resources, hunt, fish, and farm in order to provide their people with the basic necessities of life.

Farthest Frontier features fairly basic graphics, with simple 2D sprites being used for both the settlers and the enemies. The procedurally generated world is also fairly basic in design, with players mostly exploring forests, mountains, and rivers.

Despite the basic visuals, the game is still easy to follow and does not suffer from any major performance issues.

Farthest Frontier’s gameplay is fairly straightforward, with players having to gather resources, build structures and defend their city against enemy attacks. The game does a good job of gradually introducing new concepts and mechanics, ensuring that players are never overwhelmed. The combat can be a bit repetitive, but the game’s peaceful mode provides a welcome break from the fighting.


  • Good challenge;
  • A good amount of replay value;
  • Excellent visuals


  • Repetitive combat.

Farthest Frontier offers a good amount of replay value, thanks to its procedurally generated worlds and enemy AI. No two playthroughs will be exactly the same, and the game’s difficulty can be adjusted to provide a greater or lesser challenge. There are also a number of achievements to aim for, providing players with something to strive for beyond simply completing the game.

Farthest Frontier is a solid real-time strategy game that offers a good challenge along with a good amount of replay value. The game is let down by its basic visuals and repetitive combat, but these are minor issues in an otherwise enjoyable game.

Farthest Frontier

Farthest Frontier Logo
Author: Crate Entertainment
Size: 4 GB available space

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