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Party Animals

Party Animals is a fun multiplayer game that is going to be released in 2022 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Windows, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One platforms. The game is being developed by Recreate Games. In Party Animals, you will have to beat your opponents using different punches and kicks. Sometimes you will have to team up with players and work together against the enemy team. It is a physics-based game that will definitely draw your attention thanks to the exciting characters, colorful graphics, and gripping gameplay.


Party Animals is a party game that offers a great variety of different animals you can choose as a character. There are cats, dogs, rabbits, and even dinosaurs. The goal of the game is to remain the last man standing. Thus, you will be able to fight other players using different weapons you can find on the map. By interacting with an environment, you can throw the opponents off the map to eliminate them. Sometimes you will be able to team up with other players and try to overcome the enemy team. For example, players will have to fight for a gummy bear. The team who gets the gummy bear first wins.

At the same time, Party Animals is not a violent game. There are no gore scenes, but friendly punches, so children can definitely try the game out. You can also invite your friends to the game lobby and play together. The maximum number of players in a match is 7. The last player who remains in the match wins the game.


Party Animals graphics look cartoonish and highly detailed. You will be able to distinguish your opponents and different in-game equipment. The animals are nicely drawn, and their animation effects look smooth. To install Party Animals, you will need approximately 10GB of free space and 8GB of RAM. The Windows version of the game will allow you to change the graphics preset in case you experience some issues with the performance. The console version of the game will not have such a feature.


Since the game is not out yet, we do not know all the game modes and maps that are going to be available. At the same time, developers provided the fanbase with some screenshots, where we can clearly see the level diversity and exciting game modes. You will enjoy playing Party Animals because every match is going to be different from the previous ones.


We definitely recommend you to download Party Animals because the game is going to be fun and will offer players a lot of exciting content. Most likely, the game is not going to be free.


  • Many exciting game modes
  • Different maps
  • A lot of characters are available
  • You can play the game with friends
  • The game will be available for download for many platforms


  • The game has not been released yet

Party Animals

Party Animals Logo
Author: Recreate Games
Size: 10 GB available space

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