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FarmVille 3 - Animals

FarmVille 3 is a real farm simulator with colorful graphics and a wide range of challenges. You can become a farmer in this fairy tale world. The game is a part of the popular FarmVille series. It was created by Zynga. You can download FarmVille 3 on your mobile device from the official app store.


If you love cute animals, lots of greenery around you, and eternal sunshine that raises your mood, you have to install FarmVille 3 immediately. Unfortunately, there is only FarmVille 3 mobile version, so you can choose whether you want to download it on your Android or iOS. Still, the mobile version is pretty decent with well-developed scenery and attention to every detail on the farm. It looks similar to the multiple games like Green Farm, Farm Story, and Farm City where you have to grow everything and build your own farm from the very beginning. You will definitely find an alternative for PS. There may be something similar to FarmVille 3 for Xbox and FarmVille 3 on PC. Yet, the graphics are unique for each game.


There are lots of tasks you have to perform after you order FarmVille 3. Yet, the game is not that fast-paced and you can learn all the controls and specific skills while you are playing step by step. Start with following the instructions that the game provides you after you download FarmVille 3. Usually, it involves lots of tapping and swiping. For advanced players, there are farm events and competitive games where you receive better rewards and the ability to play with your friends. There is a Co-op mode that helps you to own a farm with your family and friends.


This free-to-play game is simple and yet contains multiple tasks for you. Each day there are lots of numerous challenges in front of you, including breeding the animals, growing harvest, feeding everyone, and expanding your farm. You can preorder FarmVille 3 gems or farmer packs if you want to expand your possibilities. However, this is a free download game and you don’t have to pay for anything if you don’t want to. You can earn all the gems by working hard on a farm.

You start the game with limited resources in your hand. They are still more than enough for your own farm. Once you understand how to take care of your basic needs, you can expand the farm. There are lots of features provided in the game. The most popular are:

  • You can collect animals on your farm. You can buy or trade them. The animals can breed if you provide them enough care;
  • You can create a completely new breed;
  • There is an ability to decorate your farm, choosing one specific style or creating something on your own;
  • You are in control of the weather. If you want to receive a great harvest, you have to learn how to do it;

You can participate in various city festivals. You may even become a part of a friendly city community, helping others with their businesses.


  • Simple to play
  • Wide range of daily tasks
  • Free of charge
  • Cute animals
  • Co-op


  • There is only a mobile version
  • Some options are paid


FarmVille 3 is a family-friendly game. You can learn how to take care of animals on your farm and lead a successful business. The game has incredibly luring graphics and a positive atmosphere. You can take care of your favorite animals.

FarmVille 3 - Animals

FarmVille 3 - Animals Logo
Author: Zynga
Latest Version: 1.1.6778
Size: 93M

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