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Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash is a platformer about jumping, rolling and flying. The player controls a character that has to complete levels by jumping over obstacles and gaps, flying with the help of ramps and flying circles, and rolling with the help of the teleporter circles.
The levels are divided by the type of obstacles the player has to overcome. There are levels based on jumping, levels based on rolling, and levels based on flying.

There are also levels with obstacles that involve all three forms of transportation.


Geometry Dash gameplay involves a series of levels where the player must complete a number of challenges in order to gain access to more levels. The player must complete each level by jumping through a series of platforms, and collecting squares. The player must also avoid hitting obstacles, which will cause the player to lose points. A player can also earn points by collecting coins and diamonds, and jumping on enemies. The player can also obtain a number of power-ups, which give the player temporary abilities such as a double jump or a dash. The player must complete a number of levels, and avoid various obstacles in order to gain access to new levels.


Geometry Dash graphics are simple but smooth, it fits the game very well. It is clear that Geometry Dash has a lot of work put into the graphics. There are some really cool effects put into the game, such as the stars and cube's trails. The only thing I would change about the graphics are the backgrounds. I would like them to be more detailed and interactive. Overall though, I think the graphics are great, and I love how smooth and simple they are.


The game itself is quite simple, it doesn't have any story or quests, so it has good replayability. To give you some more detail on it, you have to be able to collect diamonds by passing the levels. You can also buy some power-ups to make the game a little easier.
It is a very interesting and addictive game.


Geometry Dash is a great game, I would recommend it to anyone who likes music and action games. I have to say that Geometry Dash is very fun, and it has a great vibe to it. The game is quite simple, but it is very enjoyable.


  • The game is free of cost
  • Anyone who has a mobile phone can install this game
  • No need to go anywhere to play the game.


  • It is very monotonous
  • Playing this game is not easy.

Geometry Dash

Geometry Dash Logo
Author: RobTop Games
Latest Version: 2.111
Size: 85M

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