Challenging Scenarios Are Added to The Sims 4

Julius Marlowe / Nov-02-2021
Challenging Scenarios Are Added to The Sims 4

The Sims 4 is still as popular as ever, but many experienced players are always on the lookout for new challenges that will keep the game interesting. Many people who play this game resort to challenges created by the community. This may include having a certain number of babies, creating a particular home, and such. This time, the official developers of the game decided to take things into their own hands and created new challenges that will become available in the new free update.

The two new scenarios were presented during Livestream held by the developer of this game, Maxis. The new feature is called Scenarios and they will be available in the main menu of The Sims 4. You can either start a completely new game using a certain scenario or you may continue the one that you saved with, but apply new conditions.

The challenges of this update are ‘Finding Love After a Break Up’ and ‘Making Money.’ With the latter, you will start playing with no money in your account, but your goal is to collect a million simoleons, the currency of the game, in order to win. You can achieve this goal in many different ways and you are the one to decide.

With challenges, you will get additional requirements that will have to be completed on your way to the main goal, thus making things a lot more interesting. According to Maxis, the developer will provide new challenges to players in their future updates.

These types of challenges have been explored by fans of the game for a long time now, so they don’t come as a surprise to players. At the same time, it’s great to have a free and fully supported feature provided to the game by official developers.

Do you play The Sims 4? What are your thoughts on the upcoming challenges in the game? Share your thoughts on the topic in the comments below.

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