Instagram's New App "Threads" Clocks 100 Million Users in Unprecedented Growth

Lila Faulkner / Jul-10-2023
Instagram's New App "Threads" Clocks 100 Million Users in Unprecedented Growth

In the realm of social media, growth is often measured in months, if not years. However, Instagram's new app, "Threads", has flipped the script and achieved stunning growth in mere days. Launched just over five days ago as a microblogging contender to challenge Twitter, Threads has now grown to an impressively large user base of 100 million. This noteworthy achievement positions it as one of the fastest-developing social media apps on record.

In their impressive debut, Threads gained remarkable traction and surpassed the milestone of 10 million downloads in a swift seven hours after launch. Many pundits anticipated that this rapid uptake would eventually level off and decelerate - this projection, however, proved inaccurate. The user base didn't merely maintain steady expansion but rather exploded beyond all predicted growth rates to reach an astounding 100 million users in such a short span of time.

Furthermore, the surprisingly high user count isn’t simply an indication of downloads; indeed, this novel service enjoys broad active engagement from its growing community. Visit the Threads app will reveal a multitude of posts covering a diverse range of topics – tangible evidence that users aren't merely downloading the software but are indeed participating actively on this platform.

What makes this growth feat even more remarkable is the fact that Threads' availability doesn't cover all territories worldwide currently. For example, it remains unattainable in large markets such as the European Union (EU). This limitation implies that upon eventual introduction into such regions, user figures could explode exponentially higher than current numbers.

In conclusion, Instagram’s launch of Threads has precipitated a seismic shift in how quickly social media apps can attain widespread popularity and usage. With its unprecedented growth rate so far rivaling even its well-established counterparts like ChatGPT – which reached a comparable milestone in two months – it's evident that much potential lies ahead for Threads – assuming they maintain their current momentum while broadening their market coverage.

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