Meta Expands Maximum Length of Facebook Reels to 90 Seconds

Lila Faulkner / Mar-04-2023
Meta Expands Maximum Length of Facebook Reels to 90 Seconds

Meta has just announced the expansion of its support for Facebook Reels, allowing users to create videos of up to 90 seconds in length. This marks a 30-second increase from the previously supported 60-second maximum. The move follows the similar expansion of Instagram Reels in June of this year and is a direct response to TikTok's launch of 10-minute-long videos.

With the new feature, Meta users will now have increased creative freedom when creating their Facebook Reels. Creators will be able to tell longer, more complex stories and take advantage of the additional tools to enhance their videos. In addition to the longer video length, Meta has also added a range of new features to the platform. These include support for multiple audio tracks, a wide range of new filters, and advanced editing tools.

Meta has also made it easier for users to share their Reels with others. They can now select the option to share their Reels as a link, meaning that viewers can watch the video without having to log in to Facebook. Meta also allows users to embed their Reels on their website or blog, giving them an even larger reach.

Finally, Meta also provides detailed analytics on each Reel, which will allow users to track the performance of their videos. This data can be used to inform future decisions and help creators refine their content.

Meta's expansion of the maximum length of Facebook Reels is a welcome addition to the platform. It gives users more creative freedom and allows them to reach a wider audience. We'd love to hear your thoughts on the new feature - leave a comment below!

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