New ‘Neighborhood Stories’ Feature Coming to The Sims 4

Julius Marlowe / Nov-25-2021
New ‘Neighborhood Stories’ Feature Coming to The Sims 4

Influencing the lives of neighbors and friends in The Sims 4 will now be a lot easier and more fun with the new Neighborhood Stories update. Previously, it was possible to add some chaos or even ruin the lives of neighbors in the game only by embodying these characters. The process was a lot more involved and required you to spend quite a lot of time doing this to get results. With this new feature, it will be different.

The update will become available for players on November 30. The so-called ‘Neighborhood Stories’ feature will allow you to influence the lives of Sims while not switching to them. For instance, if you decide that a certain family in your neighborhood should have a fight and then get a divorce, you can achieve this goal by talking to them directly. You no longer will have to take control of their household to make the decisions you want.

Your role will be similar to that of an advisor, so you will be able to push players in the direction you choose. Another fun aspect of this feature is that you will be able to plant ideas in their heads by saying certain things or hinting at something. For example, you may talk badly about one person in a relationship with their partner and this will make them doubt whether to stay with them or break up. You can convince someone to quit a job, buy a house, find a new relationship, and much more.

The new feature is reminiscent of ‘Story Progression,’ which was a part of The Sims 3. But, this time, NPCs will not just make decisions randomly, as they will come to you and ask what they should do in a certain situation.

Do you play this game? What do you think about this upcoming feature? Please, share your thoughts on this feature in the comments below.

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