World of Warcraft: How to Start Playing in 2021

Lila Faulkner / Nov-20-2021
World of Warcraft: How to Start Playing in 2021

If you have never played World of Warcraft but are interested in starting this journey, the idea of getting into this game may seem quite daunting. The game has so many players and such a rich history that at this point it may seem impossible to understand it. But, it is not as scary as it looks and you can still become a part of this world. Here are some tips that will help you start if you are ready to dive deep into the game.

Select the character from many options

The first step on your journey in the game begins with choosing the right character. The game has different races of characters that are then divided into classes. It is possible to choose from humans and also different fantastic creatures, such as orcs, elves, dwarves, and more. What is great is that you can change characters if you don’t like them. The game gives an opportunity to create up to 50 characters.

Every one of them has unique attack styles, playstyles, and weapons. Regardless of the character, the gameplay will remain largely the same for all of them, but there will still be some variations, so you should pay attention. For instance, Rogue characters are more skilled at close-up attacks while Paladins have healing abilities. You should try different options and decide what is better for you.

Study all types of attacks

In this game, you control all the different attacks with a button, which can cause you to fight in the most predictable way and without figuring out what works best. This is definitely not a good way to go, so it is best to compare which attacks cause the most damage and how you can improve your approach.

Read all text you are shown in the game

World of Warcraft comes with a lot of text, especially at the beginning of chapters. You may be tempted to skip them without reading in detail, but this will be a mistake. You should read all the information you are provided with, as it will help you understand what you should do during quests for the best results. 

Don’t judge the game before you finish a prologue

Another thing to know about WoW is that the actual game begins once you complete a unique prologue of your specific character. You will have to go on different missions that will add lore and skills according to your character’s class and race. This is an essential step before you can join the extensive open world of this game. Such missions are quite straightforward, so you may even feel bored, but you should keep in mind that this is not how the real game will play out.

It takes between 30 minutes and 2 hours to complete an opening chapter, so avoid judging the game based on these first few hours. It may seem slow, but when the true game begins, the rhythm will pick up significantly.

Play WoW with your friends

A social element is very strong in the World of Warcraft, so while you can play this game and have a lot of fun on your own, inviting your friends to play will take this adventure to the next level. It’s exciting to destroy monsters along with your comrades and also go on different quests together. If you happen to have friends who know a lot about WoW, you will be able to learn some basics and they will also point out things that you don’t notice.

Decide whether this game is for you

It is a good idea, to be honest with yourself and you were playing this game for days with no enjoyment, maybe it’s just not for you. There are people who don’t like the way quests play out, others may not enjoy the style of combat in WoW. To become good at this game you should spend a lot of time playing it, but if it’s not something you get pleasure from, you may want to look into other games. Luckily, there are so many games available these days that you will surely find something for yourself.

Do you have any recommendations for those who are getting into WoW? Please, tell us what you think about this game in the comments below! 


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