Hilarious Portal Trick Turns World of Warcraft Diablo 4 Event Upside Down

Lila Faulkner / Jun-03-2023
Hilarious Portal Trick Turns World of Warcraft Diablo 4 Event Upside Down

World of Warcraft is currently hosting A Greedy Emissary, a Diablo 4 crossover event that has players scrambling to catch Treasure Goblins for exclusive loot. However, one player's attempt at catching the goblin proved to be an uproarious disaster as a portal trickled to an unexpected outcome.

Redditor MemeStarKeem shared a video of their Treasure Goblin encounter, which took place in the Western Earthshrine in Orgrimmar — a hub with multiple portals to different Cataclysm zones. After successfully defeating the Treasure Goblin, MemeStarKeem attempted to loot their spoils but accidentally clicked on a portal instead. The result? A one-way trip to Uldum, a zone on the opposite side of Kalimdor, much to the player's dismay.

This hilarious turn of events wasn't exclusive to MemeStarKeem, as multiple players landed in Uldum shortly after the Treasure Goblin's defeat. Their reactions ranged from frantic attempts to return to Orgrimmar for their loot to laughter and acceptance of their fate. The shared video quickly gained traction among fellow World of Warcraft players, garnering amused and empathetic responses.

World of Warcraft fans provided helpful suggestions to avoid such mishaps in the future, such as using the Loot-a-Rang toy or waiting for other players to clear out before trying to claim the loot. The conversation also turned to players discussing their experiences with the Diablo 4 event and their luck in acquiring the rare, exclusive items available.

Players have until June 14th to take part in A Greedy Emissary and try their luck at obtaining the unique Diablo 4-themed items. Following the conclusion of this event, the Winds of Sanctuary will offer significant experience and reputation buffs from June 15th to July 11th. As for now, the World of Warcraft community will continue to share their experiences and amusing mishaps during the ongoing crossover event.

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