Master the Art of Zenny Farming in Street Fighter 6's World Tour Mode

Lila Faulkner / Jun-18-2023
Master the Art of Zenny Farming in Street Fighter 6's World Tour Mode

In Street Fighter 6, Zenny serves as the primary currency for purchasing new items, custom outfits, and other upgrades for your fighter within the World Tour mode. While it's not essential for completing the mode, having a large amount of Zenny can significantly improve your gaming experience and unlock various benefits. This guide will provide several approaches to farming Zenny quickly and efficiently in Street Fighter 6's World Tour mode.

1. Focus on Mini-Games for Fast Zenny Earnings

Focus on Mini-Games for Fast Zenny Earnings

One of the most effective ways to farm Zenny in World Tour mode is by repeatedly completing mini-games. These challenges can be accomplished multiple times, allowing players to earn Zenny continuously. Among the various mini-games accessible in the game, the Scrap Heap challenge stands out as one of the best options for quick Zenny farming.

To access the Scrap Heap mini-game, players must interact with an NPC called Junkyard Smallz, located at Abigail's Scrap Metal in the southern part of Metro City. Completing this mini-game involves destroying a truck as fast as possible, which becomes easier as your fighter grows stronger. With a level 10 or higher fighter, you should be able to complete the challenge in about 15 seconds, earning over 2,500 Zenny per attempt. This method can result in approximately 15,000 Zenny every two to three minutes when accounting for loading and menu screens.

2. Increase Difficulty Levels for Higher Rewards

As you progress through the main story, you will unlock Medium and Hard difficulty levels for the Scrap Heap mini-game. The Hard mode, in particular, can reward players with roughly 11,000 Zenny for each 20-second cycle. Boosting these earnings is possible by consuming items that grant the "Part-Time Job Reward Boost" bonus before completing the challenges.

An excellent option for this boost is Corn Flex, which can be ordered directly through the Deliveries App after completing the "Drone Delivery" side quest in Metro City. This meal can increase your Zenny earnings to more than 15,000 per cycle, further optimizing the farming process.

3. Explore Scrap Heap 2 in Nayshall

Explore Scrap Heap 2 in Nayshall

Upon reaching Nayshall, players can unlock another part-time job called Scrap Heap 2, available by speaking to an NPC named Scrap Factory MOUSE in the Lowlands. Although this job offers a substantial payout, the original Scrap Heap mini-game in Metro City remains the most efficient option for fast Zenny farming. However, if you don't want to travel back to Metro City, Scrap Heap 2 offers a profitable alternative and is a requirement for completing the "Tour de Part-Time" side quest.

4. Earn Zenny in the Field and Through Street Fights

Besides mini-games, players can also farm Zenny through field exploration and street fights. Occasionally, chests will contain Zenny rewards, and you can earn more by winning battles and destroying barrels and boxes using Field Actions.

Although this method can yield Zenny, it is generally less efficient than the part-time job mini-games, taking more time to accumulate significant amounts of currency. Nonetheless, it can serve as an alternative for players who prefer a more varied gameplay experience while still earning Zenny.

5. Strategize and Invest in Shop Discount Skills

Strategize and Invest in Shop Discount Skills

Lastly, don't overlook the importance of shop discount skills, which can help you save Zenny in the long run. By investing skill points in these abilities, you can significantly decrease the cost of purchasing items and custom fighter outfits. This approach will not only help you maximize your Zenny earnings but also ensure that your fighter remains well-equipped and stylish in their battles.

In conclusion, prioritizing mini-games like Scrap Heap and maximizing your earnings through difficulty levels, reward boosts, and shop discount skills are the keys to Zenny farming in Street Fighter 6's World Tour Mode. Combining these approaches with field exploration and street fights can provide a well-rounded and rewarding gaming experience while unlocking the full potential of your custom fighter.

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