A Leap Beyond Appearances: Persona 5 Tactica Transcends Persona Q Design Inspirations

Lila Faulkner / Jun-19-2023
A Leap Beyond Appearances: Persona 5 Tactica Transcends Persona Q Design Inspirations

Fans of the popular role-playing game series, Persona are eagerly awaiting the release of its latest spin-off, Persona 5 Tactica. Creating a buzz with its unique visual style, Tactica has drawn comparisons with its predecessor, Persona Q, in terms of character design. However, recent insights from P Studio general producer Kazuhisa Wada and art director Hanako Oribe reveal that the spin-off is more than just a visual successor, having evolved its style significantly during the testing phase.

According to Wada, Tactica's development team initially tested the game with character designs borrowed directly from Persona Q. However, the team eventually decided to completely redraw the characters to create a distinct, fresh aesthetic. The rationale behind this decision was to suit the game's turn-based strategy genre better and differentiate it from the Persona Q series, both in gameplay and visual appeal.

Oribe delved further into the design considerations, stating that the goal was to produce artwork most fitting for Tactica's unique gameplay. While the character proportions may resemble the "chibi style" seen in Persona Q, they have, in fact, been increased in Tactica to emphasize the size of the hands and feet. This modification results in a more comic book-like appearance, influenced by the desire to make characters stand out more prominently during battle sequences.

Explaining the artistic approach, Oribe noted that an overhead perspective for battles, typical of the strategy genre, would make the traditionally tall characters appear thin and stick-like. Capturing dynamic gestures and movements is also challenging with Persona Q proportions. The decision to redraw the characters and adjust their design, therefore, enhances the overall gameplay and visual experience within Tactica, setting it apart as a unique installment in the Persona universe.

In conclusion, though the upcoming Persona 5 Tactica may share some similarities with Persona Q in character design, the game has evolved to establish its own identity. The deliberate adjustments made by the development team ensure a distinct visual and gameplay experience, showcasing the series' adaptability and creativity. As fans eagerly anticipate its release on Nintendo Switch on 17th November 2023, Persona 5 Tactica promises to deliver an immersive, engaging, and refreshingly different experience for both newcomers and longtime followers of the franchise.

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