App Store Rolls Out Scam Reports

Julius Marlowe / Oct-08-2021
App Store Rolls Out Scam Reports

It looks like Apple has finally realized that we see how it puts profits ahead of users. To change our minds, it returns the long-awaited (and necessary) “Report a Problem” button to the App Store. Let’s take a look at how the revamped version of this button works. 

After the Years

After ignoring user complaints for several years in a row, Apple quietly returns the “Report a Problem” button, but now it has more options to choose from. The most important new option is “Report a scam or Fraud.”

Before the iOS 15 update, you had to waste a lot of time to find this button somewhere at the bottom of the App Store app only to be redirected to a standalone website that required you to sign in to your Apple ID once again. That was, to say the least, sadistic! If you managed to gather enough nerve power to come through this gate, you could:

  • Report suspicious activity;
  • Request a refund;
  • Report quality issues. 

There were no options to report a scam directly. Moreover, the “Report suspicious activity” button redirected you to the basic Apple Support website! 

Now we have a more direct “Report scam” button. Although it still redirects you to a standalone website, it’s already a step forward. But does it mean that Apple will hire a dedicated scam investigating department? We know that Apple has only 500 human workers in the app review department, which is many times fewer than Google, Facebook, or Twitter have alone.


Let’s all hope that Apple has only started to implement its plans to make the App Store more user-friendly. We can already report scams and review preinstalled iPhone apps after all! What else would you like to be changed in the App Store and the entire Apple ecosystem? Let’s chat belowб and don’t forget to share the news to invite your friends to the discussion.

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