TikTok Implements Credits for Video Creators

Julius Marlowe / May-23-2022
TikTok Implements Credits for Video Creators

Nothing is completely original in our postmodern world, and nothing is more postmodern than TikTok. Hypertextual as it is, though, creativity remains creative, and those inspiring others deserve some credit – literally. With a new feature by TikTok, if you are inspired by someone’s work or recite it directly, you can elegantly recognize it by crediting the originator.

Fostering creativity is one of the main values of TikTok (and no wonder, given how important creators are for the entire ecosystem). Every trend on TikTok has its originator, every parody or tribute has an original, and every challenge has been once taken for the first time. Now, if you upload a video that owes something to a trend originator, you can simply credit them for their unintended participation.

To do so, you need to choose the “Video” icon as you upload your own video. On this tab, you can select a video that pushed you to record your version or reply, uses the same soundtrack, or features someone who inspired you indirectly. With it, the inspirators will get their credit by a special mention.

What does it mean for the originator? So far TikTok offers nothing but simple recognition. But this recognition can be converted into a more palpable form of success, with talent agencies and creator support programs by TikTok itself. So being mentioned as someone’s inspiration is not just honorable: it’s potentially profitable. And this is yet another way TikTok motivates creators to be original and make waves rather than ride them.

Have you ever recorded your own video as a reply to someone’s post, as a participation in a challenge, or just being inspired by certain audio? Did you know the originator, and did you mention them? Would you like to be credited, and will it motivate you to be original? Let us know about your attitude in the comments!


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