Magical Mixtures: An In-Depth Guide to Potions in The Witcher 3 - Recipe, Effects, and Ingredients

Lila Faulkner / May-04-2023
Magical Mixtures: An In-Depth Guide to Potions in The Witcher 3 - Recipe, Effects, and Ingredients

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is an action role-playing game that offers players a rich and immersive experience in a vast open world filled with magic, mystery, and monsters. One of the core elements of the game that makes it truly unique is its alchemy system. With the help of alchemy, Geralt of Rivia, the protagonist, can create various potions to aid him in his dangerous quests. This guide will provide an in-depth look at The Witcher 3's potions, their recipes, effects, and ingredients required to craft them.

1. Swallow


Perhaps the most crucial potion for Geralt's survival, Swallow, is a healing elixir that restores vitality over time. By using this potion, Geralt can regain his health quickly, ensuring that he remains in peak fighting condition. To craft Swallow, you will need the following:

  • - Dwarven Spirit x1.
  • - Celandine x5.
  • - Drowner Brain x1.

Swallow's potent healing properties make it a must-have for every Witcher.

2. Thunderbolt


A potion that significantly increases Geralt's damage output, Thunderbolt, is perfect for taking out formidable foes. When consumed, it increases the Witcher's attack power, making it easier to defeat tough enemies in battle. The recipe for Thunderbolt includes the following:

  • - Dwarven Spirit x1.
  • - Endrega Heart x1.
  • - Cortinarius x2.

Many players consider Thunderbolt to be an essential potion for challenging encounters.

3. Blizzard


Blizzard enhances Geralt's reflexes, making it easier for him to dodge incoming attacks and counter enemy moves. Upon taking damage, this potion slows down time, giving the Witcher an opportunity to react and evade. To brew a bottle of Blizzard, you'll need:

  • - Dwarven Spirit x1.
  • - Golem's Heart x1.
  • - White Myrtle Petals x2.

Blizzard can be a lifesaver, especially when facing multiple opponents.

4. Cat


The Cat potion grants Geralt the ability to see in the dark, perfect for navigating dimly lit caverns and dungeons. As many quests in The Witcher 3 take place in low-light settings, this potion is invaluable for thorough exploration. Crafting Cat requires:

  • - Dwarven Spirit x1.
  • - Berbercane Fruit x2.
  • - Water Essence x1.

No Witcher should embark on a journey without a Cat potion in their inventory.

5. Full Moon

Full Moon

Full Moon is a potion that temporarily increases Geralt's maximum vitality, providing an extra layer of protection against enemy attacks. This potion is particularly helpful when dealing with challenging boss fights or swarms of lesser foes. To make a Full Moon, gather:

  • - Dwarven Spirit x1.
  • - Balisse Fruit x4.
  • - Wolf's Liver x1.

An expanded health pool can mean the difference between life and death in heated battles.

6. Golden Oriole

Golden Oriole

A curious potion with a potent effect, Golden Oriole neutralizes any active poison effects in Geralt and grants temporary immunity to further poisoning. This potion is extremely useful when facing venomous foes or navigating through poisonous areas. The recipe for Golden Oriole comprises:

  • - Dwarven Spirit x1.
  • - Crow's Eye x2.
  • - Blowball x1.

Golden Oriole is a handy potion to have in situations where poison is prevalent.

7. Killer Whale

Killer Whale

Exploring the depths has never been easier with the Killer Whale potion. It increases Geralt's breath supply while underwater and improves his visibility, making underwater exploration more manageable and less stressful. To craft Killer Whale, assemble:

  • - Dwarven Spirit x1.
  • - Buckthorn x2.
  • - White Myrtle Petals x1.

Killer Whale is the ideal potion for players who wish to uncover every hidden treasure in The Witcher 3.

8. Petri's Philter

Petri's Philter

A potion that significantly enhances Geralt's Sign intensity, Petri's Philter, allows Witchers to unleash their magical abilities to their fullest potential. With this potion, Geralt can cast more powerful versions of his Signs, unleashing devastating effects on his enemies. To create Petri's Philter, collect the following:

  • - Dwarven Spirit x1.
  • - Arenaria x4.
  • - Phosphorus x1.

Petri's Philter is a must-have for players who rely heavily on magic during combat.


The Witcher 3's potion system allows players to tailor their gameplay experience according to their preferred playstyle. Each potion has unique properties and effects that can assist Geralt in his perilous adventures. Among the various potions mentioned above, Swallow stands out as the most vital and versatile concoction. With its powerful healing properties and accessible ingredients, Swallow is the potion of choice for many Witcher 3 players. Mastering the art of potion-making in The Witcher 3 will ensure that Geralt remains unmatched in his quest to protect the realms from dark forces.

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