Among Us Reveals its Roadmap for 2022

Julius Marlowe / Jan-20-2022
Among Us Reveals its Roadmap for 2022

The peak popularity of the game Among Us may have passed, but InnerSloth is making plans to return this game to its former glory. Recently, they have released a roadmap of the future updates that players can expect to see.

Unfortunately, they didn’t provide us with any release dates, but according to the available information, a number of quality-of-life improvements will soon be made. Additionally, they are also planning to implement a friend’s list fairly soon.

The new friend’s list feature will make it much easier for players to keep in touch with people they’ve met within the game. Among Us is a great place to form friendships with new people, and this feature will further facilitate this. Other QOL changes will make the user experience more intuitive and will affect the account creation process, chat choice, etc.

InnerSloth never expected their game to be so popular. In fact, the first few years after its release, almost no one knew about it. However, in 2020 a couple of very popular Twitch streamers have started streaming it with their friends and the popularity of this game exploded practically overnight.

The developers of the company were struggling to adjust to its popularity at first. However, after almost a year, they are finally ready to treat their fans to a lot of great updates. Hopefully, all these changes will breathe new life into this game.

Have you ever played Among Us with your friends? Do you love playing as the Impostor? How many friends do you lose playing this game? Tell us all about it in the comments below?

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