Roblox vs. Ruben Sim: $1.6M for Harassment and Threats?

Julius Marlowe / Nov-29-2021
Roblox vs. Ruben Sim: $1.6M for Harassment and Threats?

The famous YouTuber who has been harassing and terrorizing players and employees of Roblox is finally called to court. Roblox sues him for his tricks and insulting videos and wants him to pay $1.6 million for the damage he has caused to the community. While we’re waiting for the outcome, the case raises more serious problems than one could expect.

Ruben Sim (Benjamin Simon) has been a Roblox legend since 2010 when he made games on the platform. His behavior back then, though, was indecent enough to get him banned. Ever since then, he has been monetizing his long-lasting revenge. The list of accusations includes quite wild and bizarre acts, like uploading his naked picture (with only genitals slightly shaded) or pictures of Hitler, leaving insulting comments and sexually provoking behavior, or using racial and homophobic slurs.

It all seems, alas, too ordinary for today, but Ruben Sim made videos with his escapades and uploaded them to YouTube, thus attracting a large audience. The most scandalous part of it is that the audience includes thousands of kids, as well as that on Roblox. So, the most vulnerable audience gets under this spectacular antisocial influence.

Not only was he famous for this. After his false reports about police searching for Islamic terrorists at the Roblox Developers Conference in San Francisco, the event had to be shut down. Terror is another fetish of the YouTuber: at least once he also glamorized a notorious incident of a school shooting. A game with sexual content he once tried to upload was just the icing on the cake.

It’s not just one inadequate person, though, whose behavior looks so destructive. Can it be the platform or the structure of social media itself that enables Ruben Sims to harass and bully other players as well as employees? While Roblox is certain in its accusations in the lawsuit, the famous McLuhan’s statement is being tested again.

What do you think about this situation? Have you ever run into antisocial behavior on Roblox or other social platforms? Or watched videos by an abuser? Your opinion matters. So express it in the comments here!


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