Master Horse Catching and Competing in Volcano Princess: A Comprehensive Guide

Lila Faulkner / Jun-04-2023
Master Horse Catching and Competing in Volcano Princess: A Comprehensive Guide

Volcano Princess, a popular parenting simulator, offers various side activities to enhance player experience, and one of them is catching and competing with horses. If you're new to the game and struggling to catch horses or compete in equestrian events, this guide will walk you through the process, helping you become a horse-catching and competing master. Let's dive into the detailed steps and tips to understand better this aspect of Volcano Princess.

Step 1: Familiarize Yourself with Horse-Catching Territories

In Volcano Princess, there are three main territories for catching horses: Grassland, Mountain, and Wilderness. Each territory requires a specific Mind Stat level for successful horse catching. Ensure your character meets these requirements before venturing into these territories, or you may end up wasting Action Points on unsuccessful attempts.

Step 2: Prepare Your Character for Horse Catching

To increase your chances of catching horses, invest in outfits and talents that boost your Mind Stat, like the Starry Student Uniform, Silver Silence, or Winter Rose dresses. Additionally, level up the 'Friend of Horses' talent to level 3 to improve your horse-catching odds. Lastly, choose the Bryan Family Knight Path if you're dedicated to horse-catching and racing, as it plays a significant role in advancing through the Knighthood ranks.

Step 3: Choose the Proper Bush to Search

Familiarize Yourself with Horse-Catching Territories

After selecting a territory, you'll need to choose a bush to search in. Avoid the small bushes on the left, as they only contain smaller forest creatures. Instead, opt for the center or right bush for a higher chance of catching a horse. Don't forget to present the captured forest creatures to the character before the end of the day; otherwise, they will escape and disappear.

Step 4: Cater to the Horse's Temperament

The horse-catching minigame requires you to adapt your approach depending on the horse's temperament. Forceful actions like Intimidating Look work well for timid horses, while grouchy or rambunctious horses respond better to gentle approaches like Friendly Smile or Look Gently. Keep an eye on your 'Will' level and the horse's Vigilance level, as your objective is to lower the horse's Vigilance before your Will runs out.

Step 5: Use Stallion's Diced Carrot to Your Advantage

One pro tip for horse catching is to stock up on Stallion's Diced Carrot. This food item can be fed to the horse during the minigame to replenish your character's Will level and decrease the horse's Vigilance level. With enough Diced Carrots in hand, you can outlast the horse's Vigilance and secure your capture.

Step 6: Enhance and Manage Your Horse Collection

Once you've caught a horse, you can rename it, view its stats, and manage its abilities within the stable. Purchase care tools from the Weapons Shop to raise your horse's Speed and Appearance. Ensure you have sufficient space in your stable for additional horses, as the stable has a maximum capacity of five horses. Swap out weaker horses for stronger ones as you continue to catch horses.

Step 7: Compete in Racing Competitions and Beauty Pageants

Compete in Racing Competitions and Beauty Pageants

With your horses well-cared for, it's time to put them to the test in racing competitions and beauty pageants. Participate in the horse races at the Abandoned Harbor by paying an entry fee of 100G and 5 Action Points. Prepare for racing by practicing the 'Dash' button mechanic and purchasing Sprint Potions to propel your horse forward during the race. For beauty pageants, pay the entry fee and carefully choose your horse's walk during the competition, selecting the option with the highest success rate for optimal results.

By following these steps and tips, you'll be well on your way to becoming a horse-catching and competing expert in Volcano Princess. With enough practice and dedication, you can successfully tame and compete with these majestic creatures, adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your Volcano Princess gaming experience.

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