Masterclass of Giants: A Comprehensive Ranking of Premium Players for 2023/24 FPL Season

Lila Faulkner / Jul-07-2023
Masterclass of Giants: A Comprehensive Ranking of Premium Players for 2023/24 FPL Season

In the arena of Fantasy Premier League, the ‘premium’ players (or, frankly, the pricier picks) often serve as your team’s backbone, racking up the lion's share of your points week after week and maintaining consistency irrespective of matches lined up. Let's dissect the cream of the crop premium FPL alternatives for the 2023/24 season.

This season, strategies for accommodating premium choices vary significantly among players. Some lean towards a minimalist approach, choosing just one premium player complemented by a solid team in the mid-price bracket, ranging from 6.0-9.0 depending on the position. On the other hand, some want to hoard as many premium players as feasible, tackling the selection fuss later.

Regardless of whether you intend to crowd with three premium players or adopt a more cautious approach with just one or two, here are some exclusive suggestions.

Trent Alexander-Arnold Player

Remember, these recommendations bank heavily on teams, track record of points in preceding seasons, and their comprehensive stats for any player commanding a particularly lofty price - such options are pretty scarce this season. Here are the players to consider:

- Trent Alexander-Arnold (8.0, Liverpool)
- Mohammed Salah (12.5, Liverpool)
- Kevin De Bruyne (10.5, Manchester City)
- Erling Haaland (14.0, Manchester City)
- Harry Kane (12.5, Tottenham)

5. Kevin De Bruyne - A Masterclass Central Midfielder

Belgian star Kevin De Bruyne, who plies his trade with Manchester City, is a must-have for all FPL managers. The creative midfielder's ability to dictate the play, score goals as well as provide assists makes him one of the top choices in the high-value bracket. Despite suffering an injury-riddled season, De Bruyne amassed an impressive tally of points in the last FPL campaign. Eagle-eyed FPL managers will be keen to nab this versatile player into their squads, expecting De Bruyne to reprise his top form once fully fit.

Kevin De Bruyne 2023-24 FPL Season

4. Trent Alexander-Arnold - The Offense-Oriented Defender

A defender in name, Trent Alexander-Arnold's rampant runs down the right for Liverpool often thrust him into the thick of the action up front. His razor-sharp crossing ability and penchant for set pieces have seen him garner points not just for clean sheets but also assists and the odd goal. As the 2020/21 Premier League's top-scoring defender, Alexander-Arnold is worth every bit of his premium tag. His inclusion will undoubtedly bolster your fantasy team's strength and balance.

Trent Alexander-Arnold 2023-24 FPL

3. Harry Kane - The English Prodigy

The Tottenham Hotspur goal machine, Harry Kane, is a sure-shot success recipe for any FPL team. With a high price tag, Kane ensures you get returns in the form of consistent scoring. The Spurs striker, with his uncanny ability to find the back of the net and impressive assist figures, stakes his claim as a leading contender. For FPL managers, ignoring Kane's premium status could mean missing out on a lucrative point mine.

Harry Kane 2023-24 FPL

2. Mo Salah - The Egyptian Wizard

One glance at Liverpool's Mo Salah's track record, and it's clear why he's a permanent fixture in many FPL teams. The Egyptian forward has been consistently ranked among the top point-getters in the FPL in recent seasons. His blistering pace, precision finishing, and penalty duties make him one of the most reliable sources of goals - and FPL points. Despite a slightly higher price, Salah is a worthy investment for most FPL managers looking to get a competitive edge.

Mo Salah 2023-24 FPL

1. Erling Haaland - The Rising Star

Norwegian forward Erling Haaland's meteoric rise at Borussia Dortmund has catapulted him to the top of the wish list for many FPL managers. With his lethal combinations of size, skill, and a clinical eye for goal, Haaland could be the X-factor your FPL team requires. Speculation of a Premier League move further enhances the buzz around this young striker. If Haaland graces the English top-flight next season, he could arguably become the standout premium player in FPL.

Erling Haaland 2023-24 FPL

Picking premium players in the FPL demands careful consideration and a depth of foresight. A balanced selection of tried-and-tested stars like Kane, Salah, and De Bruyne, complemented by exciting prospects like Haaland, could give your FPL team the edge needed to rise above the fray.

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