Siri ‘Forgot’ How to Rate Songs

Lila Faulkner / Jan-06-2022
Siri ‘Forgot’ How to Rate Songs

With the rollout of iPhone 13 series in 2021, Apple also began introducing the iOS 15 operating system. First revealed in the summer of last year, iOS comes with some vital features like the upgraded Safari browser, Live Text, Focus Mode, etc. Also, the aforementioned overhaul introduced important functionality for enhanced user security and confidentiality. But in accordance with the latest user reports and expert test results, the new OS has also removed a useful function from Apple voice assistant Siri. Keep reading for more details.

Yes, Siri seems to have completely ‘forgotten’ how to rate music in the Apple Music app after upgrading to iOS 15. Before that, when pillaging a song from your music library on iPhone and iPad, you could ask Siri to give it a digital score. In response, the digital assistant did it instantly. Today, Siri replies that it cannot fulfill the score-a-song demand.

The Siri-based song rating feature was first rolled out in 2014 with the release of iOS 8. Users made the most of the feature when wearing AirPods, listening hands-free via CarPlay, or creating smart rating-backed playlists. Not fundamental, but quite a handy feature that is sure to be missed!

It is currently unclear whether Apple made this adjustment intentionally or it is an accidental post-iOS 15 bug. The company hasn’t yet commented on the problem. Considering the growing number of complaints from Apple Music enthusiasts, chances are the tech giant will provide comments on the issue sooner or later.

iOS 15 brought a slew of adjustments to Siri, including the possibility to get answers to some questions despite the lack of Internet connection. Furthermore, the new Voice Plan was introduced with the new OS, allowing users to access their music universe by using voice only. Have anything to add on the topic? Fire away in the comments below. We value your feedback greatly.

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